1. With VERTEX Plus for Windows you get...
  2. A Deeper Look...
  3. VERTEX Plus at work...
  4. With VERTEX Plus for Windows you can...
  5. Prices - the VERTEX Price Promise...
  6. The Stock & BOMs Module
  7. The Time & Attendance Module
  8. The Performance Analysis Utility
  9. Developments : The VERTEX Workshop Pages
  10. To run VERTEX Plus for Windows you need...

With VERTEX Plus for Windows you get.......

Trouble-free software from leading suppliers to manufacturing industry.

Prompt, helpful and friendly after-sales service with on-line help by telephone, fax and e-mail at modest cost - and No Annual Maintenance Charges!

A Deeper Look...

VERTEX Plus for Windows is designed to help you manage piece-work payment and monitor production in your factory. You can record information on operations, products or styles, orders and bundle quantities, then print the required worktickets - each ticket with unique miniature barcodes on its peel-off coupons - identifying every operation in product assembly.

Operators collect and save the coupons for their work on paysheets, which are returned for reading with a CCD scanner at a linked PC. Payment, bundle tracking and Work in Progress records are updated automatically.

With full context-sensitive 'help' available on-screen at the touch of a button, you will find VERTEX Plus for Windows intuitively easy to understand and control. A comprehensive user reference manual is supplied with the system, and no special training course has been found necessary.

VERTEX Plus at work...

VERTEX Plus for Windows builds your data into a comprehensive performance, tracking and management reporting system. It provides a fast, secure and accurate gross payroll with full analysis of progress to order and excess costs. It can be used on a stand-alone PC or across a network giving users access whether in work-study, the cutting room or the pay office.

VERTEX has been expertly designed to make use of the Windows operating system and is a development of the popular DOS version used by hundreds of manufacturers in many countries. Well known customers include Courtaulds (Sara Lee) and Coats Viyella (Quantum), with factories in UK, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Mauritius and Morocco.

Take full advantage of the VERTEX build standard by linking it with GSD to add even more accuracy to your measured work, and use it with the proven CheckMate system to maximise incentives at the workface.

With VERTEX Plus for Windows you can........

  • Maintain the latest operation values and build a data bank of products or styles made in unlimited departments or sections.

  • Raise production orders, make and monitor progress on each order through the factory.

  • Enter your cutting plan to automatically calculate the bundle tickets required.

  • Re-define bundle sizes lay by lay to match 'real world' situations.

  • Maintain customer details for sorted production analysis.

  • Print customised, barcoded work tickets on standard self-adhesive stock in continuous and laser patterns.

  • Maintain a detailed employee file tailored for piecework, timework, outwork and teamwork.

  • Fast-scan collected coupons with data verification and quantity adjustments.

  • Automatically calculate payroll to gross with daily and weekly analysis across up to 20 pay bands, or use an incentive yield-rate table.

  • Use up to 12 off-standard categories for comprehensive performance and excess costs analysis. Import off-standard data recorded using the Time and Attendance module to automate this feature.

  • Track each batch or bundle in work through every operation in a department.

  • Monitor batch/bundle status identifying all operators and dates to check work standards and overdue or 'straggling' batches.

  • Record and automatically monitor the production through up to 10 progress points for any product/style.

  • Report on workload levels by operation or operation type to facilitate line balancing and planning.

  • Define, record and analyse defect arisings in up to 12 categories during production.

  • Design your own production and pay reports using inbuilt report generators. Output these to screen, printer or file, sorted and sub-totalled on demand.

  • Output your gross payroll as a CSV formatted data file which can be imported by suitable software, such as Pegasus Opera, to convert Gross to Nett payroll.

  • Secure your system and data through full network controls and conditions of user access set up by your 'master user'.

The VERTEX Price Promise...

Your VERTEX Plus for Windows costs (GBP) 4,500

VERTEX Plus sells at one price world wide, which includes the user-installed software package and a CCD Barcode Scanner. There are no hidden extra costs to owning VERTEX Plus - and you can be ready to run within minutes of receiving the system.

Users processing large amounts of data should note that VERTEX Plus can utilise up to six CCD Scanners reading simultaneously. Extra scanners are available, configured and tested for VERTEX codes, for GBP 260 each.

Vertex Raw Material Stock & BOMs........

VERTEX Raw Material Stock Control for Windows is specifically designed to help manufacturers of all sizes efficiently manage the allocation, purchasing, receipt and issue of raw materials and yarn.

With VERTEX you can record details of all your suppliers, stock items, sub-assemblies (including multiple-level sub-assemblies) and production/sales orders. Raw materials can then be allocated to orders with exact stock shortages immediately shown.

Purchase orders can be generated, received stock booked in against purchase orders, then issued to the factory using printed Bills of Material with any unused stock or wastage also recorded.

VERTEX provides a comprehensive, quick and accurate way to control your raw materials and can be operated stand-alone or linked to VERTEX Plus or VERTEX PWC with raw materials allocated to orders placed in those systems.

With the Stock and BOMs Module you can.......

  • Record details of each stock item, including sub-assemblies, with alternatives, suppliers and current prices

  • For any stock item, see at a glance: recent price changes, current period stock movements, the dye lots held in stock and detailed requirements order by order.

  • Generate purchase orders from an on-line shortage list, printed using defined formats.

  • Book stock receipts against purchase orders and optionally accept over-delivery or cancel any balances still due.

  • Record stock movements, issues, returns from the shop floor, adjustments and wastage per order.

  • Report on new stock levels, requirements and shortages - recalculated on-line.

  • Reset stock levels at period end and automatically clear down historical movements.

  • Record assembly details with materials specified per department, colour, size or any combination.

  • Record production/sales orders and allocate stock, either independently or linked to VERTEX Plus or VERTEX PWC.

  • Print Bills of Material with single or multiple level explosion of all raw materials/assemblies required.

  • Update Bills of Material with quantities issued/returned and report on balances yet to be issued.

  • Use foreign currencies, design your own purchase order layouts, define different delivery points and customise the Bills of Material output.

Vertex Time & Attendance........

The VERTEXTime & Attendance module is a Windows based system for automatically recording and analysing employee attendance. Typically with a PC and card reader at the point of entrance, employees use a swipe card to clock on and off at the start and end of each shift or day.

VERTEX will record all attendance and can output detailed reports covering attended time, absence, overtime and gross pay. Multiple PCs and readers can be used, particularly useful if job changes and team compositions need to be recorded and analysed.

All the data collected can be exported and if you are using VERTEX Plus for your production control it can be updated directly each day. With a full history of attendance for each employee and average working week reporting, VERTEX can also satisfy the EC Working Time Directive.

Used stand-alone or on a multi-user basis, VERTEX Time & Attendance provides a quick, easy-to-use and reliable solution to time and attendance monitoring. The system's many features allow you to:

  • Record Employee and Team Details

    - record details of every employee and team, including their Department, job or work code, pay band and current shift.

    - specify individual shift changes for an employee, set employee holidays and authorised absences, report on attendance and absence.

    - print barcoded employee labels for use on swipe cards, also print job and team barcodes for recording job and team changes.

  • Facilitate Employee Self-Recording

    - let employees swipe their card to clock on or off a shift, job or team. The time of day is continuously displayed.

    - Swipe employees on to off-standard work under supervisor control to automate time recording for export to Vertex Plus.

    - show the time in either 12 or 24 hour format with continuous update.

    - record messages to be displayed to all or individual employees; e.g., if late by a predetermined time show a preset message to the employee.

    - lock away the PC keyboard and use it only for manual entry or override.

    - use more than one PC simultaneously for employee clock on/off.

    - view all or selected clocking events at any time to answer queries.

  • Specify and Amend Shift Details

    - including normal shift start and finish times each day, break times and lateness penalties, in time or money.

    - define split shifts, flexi-start/finish times if used and shift allowances paid. Any shift can cover up to 14 days.

    - set overtime, based on total hours worked or on specific times worked with three different overtime periods per day.

  • Maintain a Shift Planner

    - plan in against a calendar as many as 20 concurrent shifts by simply clicking the shift name and its start dates.

    - set Company holidays, additional shift rest days and adjust the normal working times for any shift on any day.

    - set up shift patterns; e.g., two weeks on 'mornings', two on 'afternoons', then two on 'nights'.

  • Define Attendance Bonuses

    - set bonuses payable when certain levels of attendance are reached over a preset number of periods.

    - pay a straight cash bonus or a percentage of current period earnings. Pay higher bonuses for better attendance.

  • Define Job or Work Codes

    - define job or work codes and descriptions, each with up to 20 different rates of pay - one rate of pay per pay band.

    - use pay bands to pay higher/lower rates of pay based on employee age, period of service, skill level, etc.

  • Calculate Gross Pay

    - based on attended times and the type of work done, the gross pay will be calculated if pay rates have been set.

    - calculated pay can include timework, overtime,attendance bonus, shift allowance, paid absence and a miscellaneous element.

  • Record and Analyse Absence

    - define your own reasons for employee absence, specifying the method and rate of payment if applicable.

    - for each period of absence for an employee, select one or more reasons for absence and output an analysis.

  • Record Teamwork

    - if employees work in teams, relate each employee to a team. Attendance on teams will be automatically recorded.

    - let employees clock on and off teams if required and print the details of attended times for each working team.

  • Output Attendance reports on Demand

    - output records for any day in the current period, the whole period or any previous period or group of periods.

    - output standard reports; e.g., employee summaries, employee details, employee attendance, gross pay listing, time sheets, timework done, timework analysis, absence, clocking events, average attendance and attendance history.

    - enter selection criteria to cover just certain employees, e.g., by Department, by shift etc.

    - display, print or save a report to file as either plain text for future printing or as an exportable data file in CSV format.

  • Design Your Own Reports

    - use the report generator to select the data fields/ columns of data you wish to output. Also define selection criteria.

    - save each report design with its own title for future output. Export the data in CSV format.

  • Set EC Working Time Directive Parameters

    - set the maximum average working week in hours and the number of weeks to average - up to 52.

    - output reports of the average hours worked per week over the number of weeks set.

  • Integrate with VERTEX Plus

    - update all matching employees in Vertex Plus with their attended time, overtime, absence, timework, teamwork and time spent on off-standard work.

    - update each day with exception reporting for employees who have attended but are not recorded in Vertex Plus.

  • Export your Attendance Data

    - output reports to a file in either plain text format (ASCII) or as data (CSV)

    - load ASCII reports into any wordprocessor, or load CSV reports into a database, spreadsheet or your own software.

  • Distribute Processing and Control Access

    - operate multi-user with no limit on the number of PCs connected. System users are set up with their own passwords by the defined master user.

    - access to the functions within Vertex are permitted or denied by associating permission to the registered user name.

    - automatically back up and restore data to a floppy/zip drive or a different folder or computer on your network.

For more information on this comprehensive new Vertex module please contact us for our data sheet covering example screens, reports and hardware specifications.

VERTEX Plus Utility - Performance Analysis

Using the Performance Analysis Utility

With VERTEX Plus you can calculate operator performances over their attended time regardless of which operations they perform. Most manufacturers require this level of analysis.

However, some manufacturers need to effectively monitor an individual's work on each different operation done. Although VERTEX Plus knows exactly what these are, as it stands it cannot separate the actual time spent on each different operation type. Short of installing an expensive " real time" system, the alternative is to further analyse VERTEX records. The Performance Analysis Utility provides that facility.

VERTEX Plus can report on the operations done - the report is found in the "Payroll and Performance Reports" category and is called "Operations Analysis". Printing that report will group and list each different operation an employee has done that day, or the week so far. If, instead of printing the report, the user selects to create it as a Data File, with an appropriate name, it can be used by the Utility to selectively analyse performance "by operation".

The first step therefore, is to record the actual time spent by an operator on each distinct type of operation during the working day. Then create the "Operations Analysis" file within VERTEX Plus. Running this Utility will present you with the list of operations against which you can enter the actual times, whereupon the performance for each operation is calculated.

Reports within the Performance Analysis Utility allow you to selectively output operator performances and also to review the performance for a specific operation across all operators who have done it.

The Utility is being shipped to VERTEX Plus users at a world-wide price of GBP 500. If you think it might help your work, please contact us for your copy.

Developments - The VERTEX Workshop Pages

If you don't see what you need on our product list, do ask. We are always pushing ahead, (boldly going etc.,) and your requirement may already be on the drawing board. PWC for Windows was followed by a much revised VERTEX Plus system, which includes operator performances, excess costs analysis, a link to GSD and full bundle tracking. These multi-user versions operate happily in Windows '95, '98, NT, 2000, ME, XP and with Novell or Windows networks. Users world-wide report complete satisfaction with the new package.

Development continues in the Windows environment, with the VERTEX Workshop concentrating on module design and system modifications in response to user feedback. Our recent work improves the flexibility of off-standard payment, enhances performance-table allocation and introduces a new function for defect recording and analysis. The integrated Raw Material Stock and BOMs module is now used in factories worldwide. For more details on our workshop projects click here.

To run VERTEX Plus for Windows you need...

An IBM PC or compatible machine running Windows '95, '98, NT, 2000, ME or XP.

An available RS232 Serial Port for barcode reading.

A standard dot-matrix, laser or bubble-jet printer compatible with the IBM Proprinter, Epson FX, MX or LQ, or HP Laserjet emulations. See User Group Newsletters for the latest recommendations.

To fully exploit multi-user capabilities, a DOS/Windows compatible network - for example Novell, Windows NT or peer-to-peer.

VERTEX Plus is designed to work with industry standard worktickets made and supplied world-wide. For more information contact our recommended suppliers by clicking on the following hyperlink: Workticket Supplies
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